When the coach is between the jobs

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When the coach is between the jobs



Tennis coaching job is a profession that many people dream of. Everyone who has ever had an opportunity to coach tennis players knows how rewarding this profession is. From the financial point of view being a coach is a great opportunity to earn a living while doing something we love. Not everyone has the chance to work in the profession that he/she is skilled at so we should be grateful every time we get on the court with the balls in the basket. Unfortunately tennis job doesn’t differ from the other positions so from time to time we will have to deal with the situation where we are between the jobs. How to get through this passive coaching time without falling into negative mindset? This article will show you the way.

At the beginning we have to understand that it is not the end of the world if we are currently unemployed. Sometimes it is caused because we were fired, and other times the reason of our situation is the financial problem of the parents. Of course it also strongly depends on the coaching position we have. Touring coaches have to prepare for many more job changes than club coaches because the money, and players’ expectations are incomparable between these environments. As a coach you have to accept your current situation and use your problem-solving skills to try to change it. Too many times we fall into negative mindset trap and start diminishing our value. Complaining about the reasons of our unemployment won’t get us the job back as well as complaining about the missed serve won’t change anything to the committed mistake. Accept your current situation, and think about factors that can make you better as a coach, and can give you a chance to start coaching again.

The problem of many coaches is their thoughts. Wrong perception that money has to be earned right now, and that process of improving coaching skills happens only on the tennis court are factors that keep the unemployment time much longer than it should last. While working with players we don’t have much time left for other activities. We have limited time for the family, books, workshops, tournament watching etc. On the other hand when we are unemployed we have an opportunity to catch up with some of these things or even start new projects that can make us better, and earn even more money than from straight on-court coaching. The current situation is never right or wrong because our perception decides about everything. Some coaches can be unhappy working 8 hours a day, and having a lot of money while others will be excited being unemployed because it will give them a chance to do things that they haven’t had time before. Change your perception, and you will see that each situation is positive for your personal growth and happiness. If you will face the unemployment time consider these actions:


There are thousands of ways to improve coaching skills but each day has only 24 hours. Use your off-job time to get better in all skills that can help your players get better. Study technique of the best players in the world, watch tennis matches, get new certification related to your profession, read books, and attend workshops. All these activities not only will make you a better coach but also your higher qualifications will make you closer to the next job. It is your decision what you will do with your time so make sure that you approach this period of your life with a growing mindset.


Have you ever thought about your own small business but the lack of time was the limiting factor? Now it is not. Roll your sleeves up, and start the project that can make your knowledge broader as also can earn you significant amount of money. Clothing company or tennis equipment distributor are examples of business ideas that you can turn into your own job. Your creativity and willingness to get on the new boat, and sail for the better tomorrow are the only limiting factors right now that you have full control over. Don’t make this time just a passive period of life. Make it count!

Share knowledge

All coaches are knowledgeable. Some are more some are less but we all have own experiences that are worthy to share. Again, our current situation provides us a lot of free time so it is a great opportunity to give our wisdom to others. Writing articles or even a book is an idea that can promote you as a professional coach, and also can be a helpful teaching aid for players, parents, and coaches. If you are reading this article it means that you value constant improvement so try to give back to the community and give some of your works for others who have similar approach to development. We respect people who have many articles published in the world-known magazines so why wouldn’t we have the same accomplishments?


Coaching can be tiring. Spending 8 hours a day on the court, working with some “difficult” clients or traveling to the tournaments, and crossing many time zones are factors that definitely have a negative impact on our energy level. That is why you should use your unemployment time to recover and charge your battery. Go on vacation, spend some time with family, and be grateful for everything you have experienced in your life. It is your opportunity to take the new perspective of your life, and become a better person while doing nothing.

Time for hobby

Hobbies are great because they bring us the happiness, and help us to take our mind off the other things. If you like soccer or basketball make sure that you include this activity into your daily schedule. It is important to stay positive if you are between the jobs, and there is no better recipe for happy time than hobby.

Everybody wants to have a stable and well-paid job but only few of us will ever encounter this situation. If you want to grow and get better there will be times when you will have to face the unemployment so make sure that it will make you stronger instead of drag you down. Our life depends on our perception and decisions; not the situations that we encounter. Be positive, be smart, and step forward toward your goal without looking back.


About the Author

Marcin Bieniek is a tennis coach from Poland and a former professional player (Polish National Juniors Team). He is a certificated tennis coach by the Polish Tennis Coaching Association and the Professional Tennis Registry. Marcin has worked with many of the top 20 Polish Juniors and the top 150 players in the world.

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