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FH VL forward run CC

2:35 pm

Objectives: Forehand volley, Placement

– Player stands on the baseline
– Coach feeds the ball to the deuce side
– Player runs forward and hits forehand volley cross court
– Player repeats this pattern

Bounce on the racquet

2:32 pm

Objectives: Control, Coordination, Focus, Reaction

– Player puts racquet on the ground
– Player bounces ball down with both hands
– Player tries to keep the ball on the racquet

Return DEUCE BH CC and FH drop shot DL

2:29 pm

Objectives: Return, Drop shot, Placement

– Coach serves from the deuce side
– Player hits backhand return cross-court
– Coach feeds the ball to the deuce side
– Player finishes with forehand drop shot down the line
– The goal is to put the opponent behind the baseline by hitting deep return and finish with drop shot

FH DL On the run

1:49 pm


Objectives: Placement, Control, Dynamic balance

– Player stands in the ad corner
– Coach feeds fast ball to the deuce side
– Player sprints and hits forehand down the line on the run
– Player repeats this pattern

FH 1 IO 1 II with coach

1:14 pm

Objectives: Placement, Reaction time

– Coach feeds first ball
– Player plays forehand inside out from ad side
– Coach plays it back with volley
– Player finishes with forehand inside in
– Player repeats this pattern

Forehand mark the zone – Advanced

12:34 pm

Objectives: Placement, Control

Court is divided into 4 zones. Coach feeds the balls to the forehand side. Child tries to hit each zone and mark it. By performing this drill child improves control, placement, and pace of the shot. All these aspects are crucial to direct the ball into different areas on the court […]

BH VL control and FH VL Deuce

1:10 am

Objectives: Serve, Volley, Consistency, Placement, Control

– Player stands at the net
– Coach feeds the ball to the backhand side
– Player hits backhand volley cross-court back to the coach
– Coach hits the ball to the forehand side
– Player finishes with forehand volley cross-court to the deuce side
– The goal is to improve control and placement of volleys while having less time for reaction because of short distance between both players

Diagonal side to side on the ladder

12:36 am

Objectives: Footwork, Speed

– Player faces the ladder
– Player moves diagonally forward side to side
– Player alternates legs with each step
– Player repeats this pattern

Serve and body ball

12:25 am

Objectives: Reaction, Body ball, Footwork

– Player serves from the deuce or ad side
– Coach throws the ball to the player’s body
– Player reacts, moves backward and hits forehand over the net
– Player repeats this pattern


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