Start improving today! Be better – You deserve it!

Get this opportunity to improve your tennis skills. Professional knowledge will help you take your tennis to the completely new level. We all learn every day so don't be shy and be better than you were yesterday. Great people don't waste time - they seize the opportunity and use every chance to develop. You can be one of them.

Marcin Bieniek
Marcin Bieniek


Revolution in Tennis training just arrived!
Working with a virtual coach is a simple process to let everyone improve own tennis

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Tennis Island membership includes:



Do you want to improve your forehand but you don’t know drills which you can use on court?
No problem, Tennis Island has plenty of different drills which are created to improve consistency, placement and feeling of groundstrokes.

Looking for specific exercises which can take your net skills to the higher level?

Tennis Island comes with help. Our database has hundreds of drills which are focused on approach shots, volleys and overheads.

Would you like to get tips from professional tennis coaches? Check Video lessons category and discover
helpful analysis of players like Nadal or Williams and get instructional advices from ATP/WTA coach.

You have problem with technique and can’t find solution? With Tennis Island, it will be easier than ever. We offer correction and instructional drills for coaches and players who look for improvements in technical area.

Do you want to serve like Federer? Serve & Return drills is a category for you. Go through brand new drills and improve your serving skills faster than you think.

Coordination and speed are not your strengths? Check physical preparation drills and learn how to get in shape and improve your footwork to win more matches.

Are you looking for specific drills for your youngest child? Tennis Island cares about everybody. We provide mini-tennis drills which are specifically designed to help youngest athletes with tennis skills.

Articles focused on different topics

Are you a parent who is looking for advices related to coaching own child?

Do you want to get fresh information about modern approach of professional players?

Can’t you find helpful tips about particular strokes?

Are you tired of processing the same information over and over?

Check Articles at Tennis Island and discover how to improve relationship with your player, how to improve your coaching skills and which shots are more effective than other.

Weekly updates with new drills and articles

Tennis Island cares about long-term and permanent development so we guarantee weekly updates of drills and articles.

Every week you will get new portion of drills and articles so your improvement won't stop.

Our materials are based on knowledge, experience and personal views of highly skilled and dedicated coaches so you can't find these information on other websites.

Special offers for members
Being a member means that you get more. You will have access to special and limited deals, offers and packages of tennis materials, tools and aids.


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