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Championship skills

7:38 am

We all try to learn from top athletes in the world. Whether we play tennis or basketball there is a lot to take from watching Roger Federer or LeBron James in action. We can see how they move, what decisions they make and how they use own strengths to dominate opponents. Of course these are really important qualities but there is one that we can’t omit if we want to get to the top of tennis world.


Tennis performance is based on technical, tactical, physical, and mental skills. If you want to achieve your potential and get own […]

Proven ways to deal with irritation

9:15 am
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Proven ways to deal with irritation


Tennis is an emotional game. Many things are going on at the same time so players have to learn how to deal with them. The higher the level the more stressful situations players have to face both on and off the court. Is it possible to improve your control and reactions to irritation? Yes it is. How should you do that? Keep reading.
Roger Federer is the best example of a world-class players who had to sacrifice his comfort zone and work really hard […]


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