It is not acceptable coach!

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It is not acceptable coach!



There are many tennis coaches around the world. Some coaches treat their profession with the proper respect while others get on the court just to earn the living. We all start from the same spot but it is not guaranteed that we will all finish within the group of successful coaches. Tennis coach, as any other job, puts some duties and responsibilities on the worker so we have to be aware of these points, and make sure that we never commit some serious “coaching sins”. If you are a coach it should be a priority for you to deliver the best service for the client. If you are a player or parent make sure that the person you pay to is worthy the big amount of money and trust.

To fully understand this problem we have to be aware of the goal of being a tennis coach. Tennis coach is one of the most responsible occupations available on the market. Parents send us their kids to take care of their athletic and life skills. Kids come on the court with joy, sadness, and motivation so we have to be able to approach them each day with a little bit different perspective. Sometimes we have to be more of a psychologist because our players have problems that they are not able to deal with. Other times our job is a teacher when we have to deliver technical information to help our players get to the next level of performance. There are also some days when we have to take the role of a normal human being and just listen to the player because this is why he/she chose to get on the court today. Let’s not forget that there are times when we act like second parent when things go wrong and decisions have to be made. All these duties and responsibilities show how complex and sometimes difficult can be the coaching job and why we should try our best every day because in eyes of our players, we are irreplaceable.

Most of the tennis coaches start the career with a big enthusiasm and motivation to make the life better by participating in this beautiful sport. Unfortunately, only small group of professionals stays on the same track during the whole career. Why does it happen that numerous talented coaches start to commit “coaching sins” that hurt all the tennis players as also the whole athletic environment? There are many reasons but definitely one of them is the money. Coaching in tennis is a well-paid job without a doubt. Good or bad service coaches earn a solid amount that many workers can only dream about. That is why I can’t understand why some people don’t have just normal human feelings that it is right to give own best while receiving so much. Another factor that also has an impact on coaches’ performance is conformity. Tennis as a sport is so popular that there are thousands of players in each bigger city so each coach can easily fill up own schedule. Again, knowing that we have pretty safe and well-paid job it is surprising that only small group of professionals really cares of their students and wants to use the hour of practice in the most effective way.

Below you will find common coaching sins that all parents should take into consideration while hiring a coach. Tennis coach is responsible for your child future so make sure that it is a good decision. I bet you carefully research houses when you want to buy the one because it is investment for years so don’t approach differently the process of getting a coach for your kid.

Cell phone

Iphones and other smartphones make our life really easy. We can contact everyone everywhere as also we can find everything because of the accessibility to the internet. Unfortunately each convenient good has also some drawbacks. Tennis coaches answer the phone during the exercise or are tempted to look for facebook updates while players are picking up balls. Firstly it is lack of respect for the player who comes to improve so coach should reimburse for the time on the phone because the service didn’t take the full 60 minutes. Of course there are unexpected situations when you have to use your phone during the lesson but it has to be really something UNEXPECTED. Try to get into your player shoes and think how you would feel if you could talk to your lawyer about really important topic for you and he would search the internet for entertainment events during the weekend!

Talking to other coaches

Practice is a time that coaches have to be fully focused on the players! On own court! It is not acceptable to talk to other coaches or friends while players are trying to get closer to achieving own dreams. It is your responsibility to give your whole attention and knowledge to the athletes so make sure that all other aspects are left after the practice is over. Coaches are role models and they teach life values so showing lack of respect is the worst lesson that we can give to our students. Remember that action is worth more than thousands of words so teach with your body and mouth and the same time.

Not having a time

Good tennis coaches have always time for their players. It doesn’t mean that we should cancel our lessons to talk to all the players but we should always offer our help in the most appropriate time for us. It is a common coaching sin that players would like to ask for some tactical strategy or training methods that they can use on their own to improve but coaches are not able to deliver this information because the next client is waiting. If the schedule is busy tell players when you finish the lesson or give them your phone number/email address so they can contact you. If they are serious about improvement they will use this opportunity to grow as also they will learn that giving the free time to others is an important trait that successful people have.

Good and bad coaches will always have clients because tennis is popular. If coaches don’t want to change there is nothing you can do to make them improve but you have to remember that you are the boss so you decide who will be your kid’s coach. If you are considering the bright future for your own child have in mind mentioned coaching sins and make sure that your kid is in good hands.


About the Author

Marcin Bieniek is a tennis coach from Poland and a former professional player (Polish National Juniors Team). He is a certificated tennis coach by the Polish Tennis Coaching Association and the Professional Tennis Registry. Marcin has worked with many of the top 20 Polish Juniors and the top 150 players in the world.

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